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 . Sylvia .
 . Sylvia .
Beautiful Sylvia loves her wigwam for "getting away from it all" in the hubbub of a busy rescue, but if you come to her and give her a gentle warm greeting, turns out she is full of interest and affection! She will even walk up onto the shoulder of a person who really grabs her fancy. Sylvia will probably always need the ability to find a little "alone time" when needed, but she is a really great, mellow, and truly poetical girl.
Adult, Female, Medium
 . *MORE kittens! .
 . *MORE kittens! .  . *MORE kittens! .  . *MORE kittens! .  . *MORE kittens! .  . *MORE kittens! .
We do not list our kittens individually as they can often get adopted quicker than we can post, but please stop by the rescue and meet them yourself! Kitten Season begins in late Spring and lasts through early Autumn, but we usually have a few kittens all year round
Baby, Female, Small
 . Camille .
 . Camille .  . Camille .  . Camille .  . Camille .  . Camille .  . Camille .
Tremendous tabby Camille loves to lounge in the sun and is never late for dinner. Affectionate, playful, smart and just the most delightfully bit sassy she is seeking a loving home with plenty of treats! Please note that our girl is FIV+, but she’s very healthy. She’d do best in a home where she can be an only kitty, with other FIV+ kitties or with non-aggressive cats. (NOTE: FIV cannot be transmitted to other animals or humans: it is only a concern between cats, and even so is primarily passed through blood, not saliva or air; so most FIV+ cats can expect smooth and happy adoptions, just like our other cats!)
Adult, Female, Large
 . Sabrina .
 . Sabrina .  . Sabrina .  . Sabrina .
Sabrina is our tailless wonder! She came to us after being hit by a car-- at 6 weeks old she had major surgery, and the surgery to remove her tail left her with some nerve damage, poor little girl! The little puff on her rear only makes her cuter, though-- like a bunny/cat hybrid. She is a friendly, sweet cat who has an unassuming nature and enjoys being petted, especially on her chubby round cheeks. The surgery left her with some residual quirks that mean Sabrina likes to potty in an extra water bowl in her cage, and sometimes needs help getting her bottom totally clean, but she does not have accidents and knows what she's doing even if we don't. Sabrina would make a great pet for an experienced cat owner or a first timer despite these minor inconveniences, though, given her gentle nature. She gets along with other animals as easily as she does with people!
Senior, Female, Small

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