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 . Lady Longcat .
 . Lady Longcat .  . Lady Longcat .  . Lady Longcat .  . Lady Longcat .
Tortoiseshell Lady Longcat is incredibly selective. Beautiful and refined, this slightly older cat is looking for the right person to call home. Not just anyone will do! She can be nervous when you first meet her, but if you take the time to get to know her you will see exactly how remarkable she is. After some time with us at the rescue, her friendly side is beginning to come out: she is now offering head-bumps and side-sweeps to her most loyal subjects, and will accept her favorite treats from even new visitors to her realm. As unique as her markings, Lady Longcat would very much like to live on her own with you to serve, honor, and protect her.
Senior, Female, Large
 . Choccy .
 . Choccy .  . Choccy .  . Choccy .  . Choccy .
Handsome Choccy was found at our doorstep in a box. He's perfectly healthy and all tests are negative. Choccy's been having a little trouble adjusting to life at the rescue, but shows all the potential of being a very sweet and loving boy. Choccy is ready for his forever home where he can blossom into the great kitty that's just waiting to come out!
Young, Male, Medium
 . Honey Rider .
 . Honey Rider .  . Honey Rider .  . Honey Rider .  . Honey Rider .  . Honey Rider .  . Honey Rider .
Ms Honey Rider is all her own woman. She is friendly when she wants, and a loner when she wants, too. A recurring skin condition made her cranky at first, but is now well-treated. Every so often, a bit of irritation will return-- and so will her irritation! But mostly she is a content and funny lady, happy to find a cozy perch from which to judge all the wacky goings-on. When the mood strikes, she joins in and surprises us all! At heart, Honey now loves the love, loves her special diet... and would love to fine her forever home!
Senior, Female, Small
 . *MORE kittens! .
 . *MORE kittens! .  . *MORE kittens! .  . *MORE kittens! .  . *MORE kittens! .  . *MORE kittens! .
We do not list our kittens individually as they can often get adopted quicker than we can post, but please stop by the rescue and meet them yourself! Kitten Season begins in late Spring and lasts through early Autumn, but we usually have a few kittens all year round
Baby, Female, Small

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