Help North Get Adopted!


We are sending out a special request to all of you with a special connection to special needs animals. Please meet North.

North is one of the most handsome cats we’ve had pass through our doors, with his long snow-white coat and crystal blue eyes. Like many white haired blue-eyed males, however, North was born deaf.

While we can never know exactly what makes some animals more sensitive to the turns that life can throw at them, we do know that North has had about as much as he can handle. After having been abandoned at a hotel when his humans checked out, leading to several changes of home, and then the addition of some needed surgeries to his challenges, North has become extremely reactive to perceived threats and any kinds of surprise. His anxiety and lashing out has sadly gotten much worse recently, and so after he first arrived at the rescue several years ago, he has once again been returned to us.


Since his return, he finds the environment at the rescue simply overwhelming, so he is currently living in a large dog kennel at our vet’s office. He is finally beginning to be able to relax and find his calm again there, but that of course can’t be a permanent solution for him: he really does long for his freedom to roam, play and jump. And as a small non-profit, we also just cannot afford to take on a daily boarding fee for the rest of his life.


As a no-kill rescue, we are committed to finding him a better answer.

Here is North’s list of needs for his next home:
-I need a guardian with a mellow lifestyle. I would like a human who is gentle and loving, but can give me my space.
-I need to be the only cat in the environment. I am scared of other cats, as I cannot hear them and cannot predict their behavior. This is also true for small human kids—I would hate to hurt them by mistake when just trying to protect myself.
-I don’t mind dogs, as long as they keep to themselves.
-No loud booming music, please: the vibrations are upsetting to me, even though I cannot hear it in the usual way.

So as you can see, it will take a special person who is willing to work with him; someone who mainly wants to help him and rehabilitate him into their environment. He is not a cuddler or a lap cat, but is affectionate with those he trusts, climbing on their shoulders and inviting play time.


If you feel you might be the very special person able to help North, please contact us right away. We will set up a meet and greet and talk about all of his special needs. We know the right home is out there for him: we just have to find it.


Can’t adopt North yourself? You can still help us by making a special donation in his name. Click here!