FIDO: Hey, Fluff, what are those funny gloves your mom is wearing?
FLUFFY: Hi, Fido, mom’s trying out a bunch of different things to pick up pet hair. She’s found some great stuff that’s easy to use and works really well.
FIDO: Wow, how great! I know my mom would love some tips. Of course, I don’t shed, but some of my housemates…
FLUFFY: Fido! Of course you shed!
FIDO: Well, anyway, my mom would love some tips for quick clean ups, and I bet all pet parents would appreciate them.
FLUFFY: That’s exactly what I was thinking. Let’s go find Meryl.
…And so they did. Just say Poof! to pesky pet hair with these quick clean up tips.
Wet Hands: Pet hair will cling to the moisture on your skin, so just wet

your hands, and sweep the pet hair away with a downward motion. You’ll pick up a whole bunch, really fast. Dry your hands with a paper towel, and don’t forget to stand over the trash can while you dry.
Wet Sponge: Dampen a sponge and wipe down the furniture quickly and easily. Rinse and repeat as often as you need to.
Latex Gloves: The rubber surface of these gloves is a hair magnet, and they work even better if you dampen them first. They’re especially fun for carpet corners and edges. Just take your index finger and run it along the corner or edge, and voila! You’ve picked up all that loose hair that the vacuum cleaner misses. You can buy the expensive ones made just for cleaning if you love spending money, or a special pair with little nubs at the pet store. But the really smart shopper will head to a beauty supply store and get a boxful for pennies a glove. They’re inexpensive and work just as well.
Fabric Softener Sheet: These are great for furniture, and they do the job quickly. Just brush them across the cushions, pressing gently, and watch the pet hair cling! And if you find your favorite pair of pants has pet hair all over it, throw them in the dryer (only if they’re dryer-safe, of course) with a fabric softener sheet for 10 minutes. They’ll come out almost hair-free.

Lint Roller: For clothing, a lint roller is still a great choice. The ones with sticky tape work really well. You can use packing tape the same way, but the lint rollers are easier because of the handle.

Rubber Broom:
A dry rubber broom will attract the pet hair in the same way a balloon would. This is a great solution for hardwood floors, whether real or synthetic.
FedEx Pouch: This is great in the workplace when you look down and realize your pet has hitched a ride on your black skirt or pants. Grab a fedex pouch and wipe down your clothing in a flash.
Pumice Stone: Run a pumice stone gently across your carpet to loosen pet hair before vacuuming. It’ll gather up the pet hair that’s stuck in the carpet fibers. Just make sure not to use this on any other surface, because it will scratch.
So bring on the company this holiday season. With these tips, you’ll have the floors and furniture hair free before you can say Poof! Hair be gone!
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Meryl Schwarz, M.A., M.Ed., is an animal lover and Certified Professional Coach specializing in grief support for people grieving their beloved animals. Whether you’re grieving a terminal diagnosis, the normal aging process, a disappearance or a death, Meryl offers compassionate and caring support with the wisdom of experience. Visit her website at to schedule an appointment by Skype or phone.