FIDO: Hey, Fluff, I want to donate to our friends at Santé D’Or for the holidays. Mom said you’d know how to do that.
FLUFFY: I sure do, Fido! The easiest way is to go to the Donate page on our website. There are lots of ways to donate to us right there, and all you have to do is click. Here’s the url:
FIDO: That’s cool, Fluffy! Anything else folks should know about donating?

FLUFFY: Yes, another great way to donate is to designate SDO as your charitable organization on Amazon Smile. A portion of the price all of your shopping done through Amazon will then come to us, every time you shop, all year long!

FIDO: And don’t forget to tell them we’re tax deductible.
FLUFFY: Thanks for the reminder, Fido. That’s right, everyone, your donation is tax deductible because we’re a 501 (c)(3) organization. Our tax ID number is 68-0547925.
FIDO: Awesome! Thanks, Fluffy!
FLUFFY: And now, Fido, let’s end the year with some fun facts for our Santé D’Or family.
FIDO: I love fun facts! Let’s go get Meryl.
…And so they did. Here are some fun facts about cats we bet you didn’t know. Enjoy!

The first commercially cloned cat was Little Nicky, at a cost to his owner of about $50,000.
In the original Italian version of Cinderella, the fairy godmother figurewas a cat.
Approximately 1/3 of cat owners think their pets can read their minds.

A cat lover is called an Ailurophile. That’s Greek for cat + lover.
One reason kittens sleep so much is that their growth hormone isreleased only during sleep.
Cats have about 130,000 hairs per square inch.
There’s a commemorative tower in Scotland, dedicated to a cat named Towser, who caught nearly 30,000 mice in her lifetime. This picture is a statue of Towser the Mouser.
The first cartoon cat was Felix the Cat in 1919.
A single pair of cats and their offspring could produce 420,000 kittens over 7 years.

The first cat in space was a French cat named Felicette (“AstroCat”), in 1963. France sent her into outer space with electrodes implanted in her brain to send neurological signals back to earth. She survived the trip, and went on to give autographs to adoring fans. That’s Felicette over on the right.
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Meryl Schwarz, M.A., M.Ed., is an animal lover and Certified Professional Coach specializing in grief support for people grieving their beloved animals. Whether you’re grieving a terminal diagnosis, the normal aging process, a disappearance or a death, Meryl offers compassionate and caring support with the wisdom of experience. Visit her website at to schedule an appointment by Skype or phone.