FIDO: Hey, Fluff, what are you reading so intently?
FLUFFY: Hi, Fido, it’s a note from Meryl. She wants us to send our cousins at Santé D’Or a Valentine’s Day gift, since we can’t go to the Open House in person.
Money is always needed, but there are SO many other wonderful ways supporters like our folks can help!
FIDO: That’s a great idea. I always feel so lucky that we were adopted. People don’t realize how much is spent each month just to take care of the animals while they wait for their perfect furever home. So I’d love to give the cats and dogs AND Santé D’Or a gift, to thank them for all the great work they do. What shall we give them? A nice bone?
FLUFFY: You’re on the right track! Santé D’Or always needs food donations; it’s one of their largest expenses. But that’s not all, so we get to tell all the friends of SDO just what they need. Imagine if everyone reading this would donate just one or two things…


FIDO: WOW! The animals would be set for life!
FLUFFY: Well, maybe not for life, but certainly for a while. So the first thing we’ ll do is ask. Here we go:
Dear Santé D’Or supporters, we love you and we know you love Santé D’Or. So…we’re here to ask… please donate!
Read on to find out how–
Fido: –Yes, please donate! Ah, what should they donate, Fluff?
Fluffy: Well, if you’ll stop interrupting me, I’ll tell you! Since you already talked about food, let’s start there. Santé D’Or feeds its animals only high quality food, because they believe that a well-balanced diet is the foundation of good health for animals, just as it is for people. The cats and dogs eat a combination of wet and dry foods, from places like Halo, Natural Balance, Canidae and Taste of the Wild. They’re all low or grain free with NO by-products.
FidoYUCK! People don’t want to eat food with a bunch of those awful by-products – why would we? My mom says if they knew what’s put in those cheap foods, they wouldn’t buy them.  She must have learned about that at Santé D’Or; they do tons of research. What else do our friends need, Fluff?
Fluffy: A big cost for the cats is kitty litter. I know you don’t need that, Fido, but it’s not safe for us to go outside like you do. Our favorite is Trader Joe’s Pine. It’s natural and really controls the odor.
Fido:  Check! I think I heard that Santé D’Or tries to use cleaning products that are not tested on animals and are healthier for the environment. Is that right?
Fluffy: You bet, Fido, very good! They like Mrs. Meyers dish soap and all-purpose liquid. Method All-Purpose Spray Cleaner is another favorite. And don’t forget the important day to day stuff, like paper towels and kitchen sized trash bags — they really use lots of those! They need so much of all these things all the time, they’ve put them on a Wishlist!
Fido: I know Santé D’Or tries to
reuse and recycle wherever possible, too.
Fluffy: I’m so proud of you, Fido, you’ve really been paying attention! Yes, we’d love to help our neighbors recycle their newspapers, by just dropping them off, right at the rescue!

Fluffy: And we mustn’t forget to mention sponsoring an animal.  People can pick a current resident and make a one-time donation. Or, they can make a recurring monthly sponsorship, either just to make them feel good OR as a thoughtful gift for someone’s birthday, anniversary, in memory… well, you get my drift.
Fido: Check! But, Fluffy, aren’t you forgetting the MOST important thing?
Fluffy: Nope, here it is, and while it’s last, it’s certainly NOT least!…
Santé D’Or’s most precious asset– except for the animals, of course– is their VOLUNTEERS!  They operate each and every day almost entirely with volunteers, so donating time at the rescue is not only one of the greatest and most valuable gifts anyone can give, it’s free!
Please contact them at and just say I WANT TO HELP!

Fido: I think you’ve said it all, Fluff! I just have one more thing to add–

Thank You!
From all of us at Santé D’Or, thank you for reading this. We truly appreciate your support. For more ways to donate, please visit our website at
We hope you enjoyed this month’s column. We’d love to hear from you, so please send your ideas to
Meryl Schwarz, M.A., M.Ed., is an animal lover and Certified Professional Coach specializing in grief support for people grieving their beloved animals. Whether you’re grieving a terminal diagnosis, the normal aging process, a disappearance or a death, Meryl offers compassionate and caring support with the wisdom of experience. Visit her website at to schedule an appointment by Skype or phone.