About Us

Who We Are & How We Help Animals

Santé D’Or Foundation, a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit (Federal ID Number 68-0547925), is a volunteer run animal adoption center and community focused rescue located in Los Angeles, California. Our animals come to us from our streets, are surrendered by residents experiencing extreme financial hardship, a crisis, or those who are no longer able to care for them. We are proud to be directly impacting our local shelters and community by accepting animals who would have otherwise been surrendered and likely euthanized due to overcrowding, or left to roam and reproduce on our city streets.

Many of our rescue animals arrive in a sub-optimal state, often affected by a combination of treatable illness, neglect, stress, anxiety, and sometimes abuse. We provide them with necessary medical treatment by a veterinarian and a healthy, natural diet coupled with loving care. Our unique approach to animal rescue and adoption places the focus on the whole health care of rescued animals, as well as the bigger picture of our neighborhoods and the planet at large.

Our adoption center is friendly, welcoming and open to the public. We use eco-friendly products, practice conservation, provide quality food free of by-products and use biodegradable litter. People often say when they visit us, “the animals all seem so healthy, calm and happy.” That’s because they are! Our team of caring volunteers works with the animals 7 days a week and unlike most shelters, they are free to roam and play all day. This nurturing approach to socialization directly translates into healthy and well-adjusted animals, who make a great companions. We understand, however, that just as in the human world, not everyone is right for each other, which is why we take a personalized approach to the adoption process.

Our clean, healthy, stress-free environment is where our rescue animals do more than survive; they THRIVE.

We invite you to impact the lives abandoned animals by supporting us with a donation or become a member of our volunteer team.

Where we are

Founder: Kelly Milam

Director of Animal Services: Leslie Perez
Assistant Director: Morgan Derecho
Volunteer Coordinator & Rescue Manager: Heather Ganley

Board of Directors and Officers:
Chair Emeritus: Sandra Kimberling
President: Mary Bou-Abssi
Vice President, Public Relations: Joan Afton
Treasurer: Rochelle Edwards
Secretary: Erika Chaumontet

Tracy Do
Tiffany Miller

Advisory Board Members
Lisa Hsuan, D.V.M. – Animal Health Care Center

Honorary Board Member
Ellen Waggoner